Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Asian Commercial Dominance Annotated Bibliography

Asian Commercial Dominance - Annotated Bibliography Example This is politically, socially and economically. Its dominance economically is represented by countries in this continent. Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, China, India and South Korea are some of the countries that contribute to its economic stability. It is the annual GDP from these countries that has enabled the continent to compete actively with Europe. Other countries like Mongolia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand have also grown tremendously in the economic sector. All this coupled with the minerals in some of the Asian countries ensures that it expands economically. Minerals are found in abundance in Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia amongst others. This has enabled the economic exchange between this continent and many others (Levinson, p 34). The European continent has over the years held the helm in economic stability. It is ranked the highest in relation to current GDP. This position is threatened by the continued dominance of the Asian continent. Th e above mentioned countries have contributed in their own way to overall Asia’s economic dominance. China has grown steadily over the years to ensure that it is the second largest economic powerhouse in the world. It strongly competes with the nation of Japan. This is in relation to many manufacturing plants. Japan is a powerhouse for very many industrial companies all over the world. It is famous for worldwide brands that include Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, Phillips, and LG amongst many others (Higham, p 45).

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